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Jerry Seinfeld: To "Bee" Or Not To "Bee"

Of the Oakland Press

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A month ago, Jerry Seinfeld swept into the Emagine Novi theaters to campaign for his new animated feature, “Bee Movie.” Here’s some of what he had to say about the project.

What was it like working with animation?

Seinfeld: It was different. It was like you’re working with wood all these years and somebody says, ‘How would you like to work with clay or stone or something?’ It was a totally different creative experience from anything I’d ever done. I thought my kind of thing might work in this medium.

Why bees?

Seinfeld: I watch all these animal shows on the Discovery Channel ... Bees are the only ones that make something. They make a product we all want. Chickens, they’re not making eggs for us; they’re trying to make chickens. But the bees, they’re in the honey business ... so the fact we are taking their fi nal product, what they really want to have for themselves, that’s the difference between bees and all the other animals.

Do kids share that fascination with bees?

Seinfeld: God, I hope so. I find that kids do like bees ... They’re into ladybugs, butterfl ies and bees. It’s in all their books, all their stickers, all their coloring. There’s always bees. I don’t know why, but bees are secretly, I think, kind of popular, and I’m hoping this will capitalize on that.

Did you get to do your parts with all of the other actors in the fi lm?

Seinfeld: I went through the trouble of acting every single line with every single actor in the movie. I went to New York. I went to Chicago. I went to L.A. Wherever they were, I went there ... and that was fine. The scene with Chris Rock on the (truck) windshield, we made that whole scene up on the spot. And the scene with Renee (Zellweger), where she’s trying to get me to have coffee, a lot of that we made up, just in the booth fooling around.

Any other acting roles in the future?

Seinfeld: Nothing. I have trouble doing stuff that’s not my own stuff, ’cause I’m really just a stand-up comic. That’s my only real job. All these other things, I’m faking it. I’m just attempting to pull the wool over people’s eyes — and doing quite well at it, by the way ... (But) I’m not a real actor. This movie is not a stretch for me. I could not be Santa Claus.

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